4 reasons why SIP is perfect for your business communications


SIP trunking is a powerful, scalable and incredibly flexible telephony solution that’ll help you streamline business communication costs and resources. There are a whole range of reasons that your business should make the jump to SIP, so we thought we’d share our top four.

1. Killer call quality

Just think…if you can’t hear your caller properly, you could miss important details along the way or make mistakes and leave a bad impression in your customer’s eyes.
SIP trunks provide a telephony system that delivers the same professional standard, high quality calls that you’d expect from an ISDN line.

2. Shrinking phone bills

Many of our customers tend to assume that new technology means more money to install and more time to manage. With SIP that isn’t the case. ISDN lines are typically far more expensive in terms of ongoing costs when compared to the newer technology.
With SIP, you can do away with your ISDN lines entirely, so you won’t be paying for a line you don’t use. You’ll also save bundles of money on reduced call costs, with many suppliers (including Windsor Telecom!) throwing in generous bundled minute packages so you’ll never have a variable phone bill again!

3. Future-proof technology

SIP is still often considered a new player in the game; this makes people nervous. Since it has already been confirmed that ISDN lines will be ‘switched off’ by 2025, the clock is ticking. Those who adopt this ‘unproven’ technology will get ahead of their competitors and save themselves the panic in nine years’ time.
Rest assured though, VoIP and IP-based telephony aren’t new and their popularity is growing fast. For example, did you know that 35% companies think SIP trunking is the most important telephony system? Don’t wait until ISDN lines a switched off before you start saving money.

4. Super simple to set up

For any IT Manager, the thought of replacing legacy systems is the source of many a headache. Many of our customers often wrongly assume that the switch to SIP trunks will be costly and the because of the implementation costs, the benefits will be slow to realise.
Many of our customers don’t actually realise just how simple the process is! SIP trunks can utilise your existing broadband connection, plug straight into your existing compatible PBX hardware and be easily scaled depending on seasonality, growth plans or whatever flexibility you need. Perfect, right?

SIP satisfaction guaranteed

Depending on the size of your business and your day-to-day requirements, SIP could be perfect for you.
Not sure? We’ll even give you a free trial to make sure. After all, we want you to be happy with your telephony system and don’t believe in selling people equipment they don’t need.
It’s because of this customer-first ethos that we have a five-star rating on Trustpilot…and we have no plans for that to change.
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