Revenue sharing on 03 numbers ruled offside

Revenue sharing prohibited on 03 numbers ranges, says Ofcom.

Once more, 03 numbers are endorsed as the UK's most transparent of phone number ranges.

Today, Ofcom clarified a regulation governing the 03 number ranges. The rule, part of the rationale for these consumer-friendly phone numbers being launched back in February 2007, clearly states that any form of revenue sharing is forbidden on calls to 03 numbers.

This means consumers can be confident that when dialling a number with the prefix 03 they’re purely paying for the call and nothing more.

Another great reason for your business to offer your customers the transparency of a call to an 03 business number.

Call our expert Telecoms Team today to find out how a memorable 03 number can make your business unforgettable and boost incoming enquiries. Call 0800 160 1111 or 0333 123 1010 from a mobile.

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