Power Lines

Don’t let lack of energy disrupt your business

It’s remarkably mild, considering November’s just round the corner. The temperature may well be above seasonal norms, but as darker evenings edge in colder conditions are certain to follow.

With news headlines suggesting potential energy shortages and even blackouts looming, could your business survive if deprived of heat, plunged into darkness or left powerless?

Safeguard your operation today with a virtual phone number. Whether you choose from the 0800, 03 ranges or 01/02 area codes, they all come with Instant Call Rerouting as standard. If your systems go down or your usual workplace off limits due to lack of light or heating, simply divert your calls to any number or mobile from phone keypad, the web or via our free App.

With a BUY-ONE-GET-ONE-FREE OFFER on our toolbox of interruption-busting upgrades, you can shield business opportunities with a virtual number, wrapped in a protective tech bundle. Call us to find out more.

Extreme business planning isn’t just a passing fad for when you are snowed in or flooded out. It’s one Autumn/Winter trend we should all follow’€¦..just in case!

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