Which phone number is right for your business?

Which phone number is right for your business?


The business landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. With more ways than ever to contact a business (live chat, social media, email or digital fax to name just a few!), there’s still one tried and tested method that engages customer more than any other – a phone call.
Did you know the phone number you choose for your business can have a significant impact on whether or not the phone even rings, and having the wrong one could potentially leave your customers in the hands of your competitors?

Here’s our definitive guide to business telephone numbers to help you make the right choice:

Local 01 and 02 numbers

If you’re a business focused on delivering a local service there’s nothing better than a local geographic number. Your customers will recognise that you’re doing business on their doorstep and will be happy to call them; many will even prefer to deal with a local business.

A virtual geographic number is also a fantastic method for expanding into the neighbouring area whilst maintaining that local appeal.

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Freephone 0800 numbers

If you’re a company centred around customer service, then an 0800 number is for you. These free-to-call numbers are widely recognised and can increase inbound calls by as much as 63%.

Many people assume that 0800 numbers are still expensive to call from a mobile, but this simply isn’t the case anymore. Following changes in OFCOM regulation in July 2015, freephone numbers are, and always will be, free-to-call for the customer.

A perfect choice if you want national recognition.

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National Business 0845 numbers

0845 numbers offer impressive national presence and memorability – They’re also widely used by large and medium-sized companies. These numbers are also a fantastic choice for SMEs looking to compete with some of the big players in their respective sectors because it gives a far greater perceived national presence when marketing to prospective customers. Put it this way: Who wouldn’t want to appear more established then they already are?

In a nutshell, an 0845 corporate number will impress potential customers and encourage serious business enquiries.

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National Business 033 numbers

033 numbers are fast becoming the nation’s favourite, which also means that they’re among the most recognisable numbers you can invest in for your business. 033 national numbers are completely free for your customers to call if they have bundled minutes on their mobile or landline tariff, perfect!

Choosing an 033 number is perfect for your business if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd and tell customers that you’re a professional and well established business.

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Revenue generating 084 and 087 numbers

These numbers are entirely free to set up and will earn you money when your customers call you. These 084 and 087 numbers have nationwide appeal and can earn you between 1p and 4p per minute, so long as you generate more than 500 minutes of calls per calendar month.

This is a great way to offset call centre overheads and fixed costs.

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Not-for-profit 030 numbers

Exclusively available to not-for-profit businesses and charitable organisations, these numbers not only have national appeal, they’re highly memorable and can make you really stand out from the crowd which is perfect when encouraging donations.

A national 030 is also a great method of boosting call volumes, something that is of course incredibly important when attempting to maximise engagement with your prospective customers.

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