Call handling technology 101: call capturing features

Part six: Spotlight on ‘Call capturing’ features

call capturing tech
In this final installment of our call handling technology guide, we look at the specific features that really make your business more effective.

We’ve mentioned it a few times in this series, but any missed call, is a missed opportunity for business. We pride ourselves on understanding and advising small businesses and so we are particularly proud of our suite of call capturing features.

Missed Call Alerts

Not surprisingly, the first feature we’ve chosen to look at today, is the ‘missed call alerts’ feature. When your line is engaged, unless a customer leaves a voicemail, you have no way of knowing that they’ve called you or not. How much is one enquiry worth to your business? Imagine how frustrated you’d be if you knew the number of calls you missed whilst being on the line. *shudder*

The Missed Call Alerts feature, removes this concern. You’ll be notified on email that somebody has tried to phone you and the contact number they dialled out from so you can return their call as soon as you’re able.

Not only that, you’ll be able to see the reason you missed the call in the first place to determine if there’s anything you need to be doing differently.

Now that’s reassuring. Add Missed Call Alerts to your plan now.

Call Queue

Do you spend a lot of your time on the phone during the working day? Do you tend to miss a lot of calls due to the phone being engaged? What if we were to tell you this needn’t be an issue again?

If you were to add our ‘Call Queue’ feature to your plan, customers will no longer hear that tiresome engaged tone. Instead, they’ll automatically hear a welcome message, informing them that they’ve got through to the right place which instantly reassures them. They’ll then be routed through to your chosen target numbers, either immediately if the line is free or, if the line is busy, they will be transferred to a call queue and informed where in that queue they’re placed.

This feature encourages callers to stay on the line by being transparent. Not only that, it gives you the choice to play music, messages or announcements whilst they are waiting. This makes it a great tool for promotion whilst callers are waiting.

By keeping callers on the line, you may close business that would have previously been lost. Get a Call Queue added to your plan now.

Call Diversion

Whether its a planned holiday, or an unforeseen circumstance, our Call diversion feature lets you temporarily switch your calls to a different target number. Depending on the scenario, you can switch calls to another mobile, messaging service or office.

If the diversion is as a result of a business emergency, you can quickly and easily advise callers of the situation and instantly reroute all incoming calls. This leave you free to deal with the crisis at hand and takes away the stress of worrying about missed calls.

Perfect for if you want a back up scenario in place, or if you simply want to take some time off and route calls through to another employee. Call Diversion is a straightforward, temporary solution. Find out how you can use it to your advantage.


Call Back

We’ve all felt the frustration of hanging on the line waiting to get through to someone. The last thing you want is for your customers to feel this frustration. Enter… the Call Back feature.

This handy piece of technology tech gives customers the choice to request a call back, meaning they can put the phone down and get on with other things whilst waiting for you to return their call. Even better, they can decide which number they want you to return their call on (it doesn’t have to be the one they phoned you on originally). This way, you can avoid complaints about extended periods of time spent on hold and irate customers.

I know, we’re smart. See how you can add the Call Back feature to your plan today.

Voicemail to email

No matter how hard you try, there are always going to be unavoidable occasions when you just can’t take that call. Maybe you spend a lot of time on the road or out at meetings, sometimes its just not convenient or practical to have the phone glued to your ear.

Well with our Voicemail to Email service you can have your voicemails sent straight to your inbox as MP3s. This means you have a permanent record of any messages you receive and can listen to them back at any point that you choose.

You have the option to change the email address the voicemail’s are sent to at any time and can forward them on to colleagues or home workers, giving you complete control over who returns the calls.

Add this handy feature and never leave a message unanswered again.


Ready to get started?

None of the features outlined above require ANY extra hardware or complicated set-up. All can be installed and managed through the MyWindsor portal. The only thing you need to do, is let us know which features you’d like, then let us take care of the technical bit.

That’s it for today’s spotlight feature on ‘call capture’ services. We hope this gives you the appropriate level of context and information you need to decide if any of these features are right for you. If you’d like to add any of these to your existing call plan, speak to your account manager today.

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