Windsor Telecom blog: tracking and monitoring features

Part five: spotlight on ‘tracking and monitoring’ features

Call statistics

Do you ever feel like you want to know more about the ‘ins and outs’ of your business performance? Perhaps there are some areas that you’d like to explore more in-depth,  from the volume of calls you’re receiving to how well your marketing efforts are performing?

Well our call tracking and monitoring features can provide you with the insight you’ve been missing.

‘Vision’ call statistics

The first feature we’ll explore in this part of the series, is our ‘Vision’ call statistics portal. This easy to use portal gives you access to an abundance of information regarding your phone lines.

You can track your inbound call performance – aspects like where the majority of your calls are originating from and how many you’re receiving on a daily basis. These types of stats can give you a quick indication of how well the business is doing in terms of volume.

If you’re interested in how your employees are performing, the Vision portal can be used to track things such as call logs, time spent on the phone, amount of calls taken etc. Using this information, you can make a judgement on how well your employees are performing and delegate work as effectively as possible.

If it’s marketing you’re most interested in, the portal can show you exactly which of your phones numbers are perforating the best. If you have dedicated phone numbers associated with any marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to see exactly which one is receiving the most activity and therefore determine potential ROI. Not only that, if one number is performing well over others, you can then focus your efforts instead.

There is so much information available to you with Vision, speak to one of our team about it today to understand the true potential.

Conference Calling

Streamline the way you do business, with our free to use conference call service*. A Conference Call service lets you facilitate meetings without the physical constraints of travelling to or from different offices. As a result, you’ll maximise the amount of time your employees spend working and subsequently maximise business effectiveness.

Think how beneficial it could be if you have employees in many different locations that need to bring their ideas together, or if you’d like a convenient way to communicate with one of your customers or clients. A call that everyone can join makes much more sense than endless email trails.

A Conference Call is quick and simple to set up and there’s no contracts or bills to pay. It’s so simple – if you aren’t using this feature in your business already – why not?

Talk to us about setting up Conference Calling today. 

*Only pay for the cost of the call at a pm rate.

Call Recording

Call Recording can be used for may aspects of your day to day business running but it’s particularly useful for managing the customer experience. For example, when dealing with customer issue or dispute, you’re able to search recordings by criteria such as date and time, to find exactly what you’re looking for. Imagine how useful this is when a timely response is needed.

Call recording can also be useful for employee training. You can select specific calls which show proper and improper phone etiquette and ways to resolve particular customer queries. By having real examples, your employees will be well equipped to deal with the same situations in the future.

Finally, call recording can also be used to track advertising efforts more specifically. For example, you can listen back to find out exactly where a customer or prospect heard about your company or saw your phone number, then compile this information to build a true view of how well your advertising is working.

Playback your recordings online, download or email them to yourself at any time – what’s stopping you getting started?

Add Call Recording to your plan now.

Customer Surveys

Want to know exactly what your customers think? What better way than to send out a customer survey with our technology. A survey can give you timely feedback on how your customer service team is performing, can be used to promote competitions or special offers and is a great way to capture customer information for future purposes.

Our software gives you the ability to design your own questionnaire which customers can respond to via their touch phones. This is increasingly popular in such a tech savvy era. It’s also smart enough to trigger particular questions based on specific answers, so it becomes a more targeted survey depending on the respondent.

A survey could be just what your business needs to take your customer experience from good to great.

Show customers how much you care


Ready to get started?

None of the features outlined above require ANY extra hardware or complicated set-up. All can be installed and managed through the MyWindsor portal. The only thing you need to do, is let us know which features you’d like, then let us take care of the technical bit.

That’s it for today’s spotlight feature on ‘tracking and monitoring’ services. We hope this gives you the appropriate level of context and information you need to decide if any of these features are right for you. If you’d like to add any of these to your existing call plan, speak to your account manager today.

Don’t yet have a number with Windsor Telecom? We’re offering anyone who signs up as a result of this series, 3 pieces of technology completely free. Simply email us quoting ‘CHT 101’ in the subject line.






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