Part two: Spotlight on ‘intelligent call routing’ features

intelligent call routing
Last week we looked at how you can communicate to your customers with in-call messages, getting across important information in the most efficient way possible. This week we’re taking a closer look at intelligent call routing and how these features can reduce stresses for both customers and employees.

There are five features which fall under the ‘intelligent call routing’ category: virtual switchboard, virtual extensions, mid-call transfer, zone plan and VIP routing.


Virtual Switchboard

  • Customers can select which person or department they’d like to speak to from a number of options presented as an audio when they call in
  • Reduces the amount of missed calls (and missed opportunities) as the phone lines wont be engaged

A virtual switchboard is perfect for businesses that handle a number of different call queries. Whether you’re a business with many different departments, or a smaller operation that would like to know the nature of a call before speaking to the customer – a virtual switchboard could be just the ticket.

It will make you appear more professional to your customers as they’ll be getting through to the right place straight away. Speak to us about including a virtual switchboard on your plan today. 

Virtual extensions

  • Assign different 3-4 digit codes to each staff member or department that customers are able to call directly
  • Customers wont experience the frustration of being passed around the switchboard
  • Your employees won’t waste any time dealing with inappropriate enquiries

Similar to the virtual switchboard, a virtual extension is another way of ensuring customers get through to the right place, first time. Customers dial the relevant extension of the person or department they want to speak to. This makes your business run smoother and more efficiently with less spam calls and less time spent dealing with the wrong queries.

Having virtual extensions will also give the impression of a larger and more professional business, therefore increasing the likelihood of prospective customers to call in. Take your business to the next level with this useful feature. 

Mid-call transfer

  • Transfer calls to anywhere in the world, even after they’ve been answered
  • Choose to play music or a pre-recorded message whilst the call is being redirected to the right place
  • Present one unified business even when your offices may be split over different locations

What happens when a caller gets through, but not necessarily to the right person? No need to worry. With our mid-call transfer services, you can still get your customers to where they need to be without hanging up the phone. Not only that, to create a more pleasant experience for the customer, you can choose to play music or a pre-recorded message whilst the call transfers.

Happy customers, means more likelihood of repeat business for you. Get mid-call transferring now. 

Zone plan

  • Customers are put through to the nearest geographical office to them, depending on their location
  • Only one national number needed for your whole business

When people see a freephone of a national telephone number presented, they could assume their call is going to be sent into the abyss, only to be picked up in a call centre in the middle of nowhere. This image doesn’t exactly scream good customer service.

It’s nice for customers to know they are getting through to the right business in the right location. Our zone plan feature means that, even if you have a number of different regional offices, the customer gets routed through to the one that is geographically nearest to them. Now come on – that’s pretty cool technology right?

Perfect for established and growing businesses, the service can be scaled-up as and when its needed to meet your office demands. Think a zone plan would suit your business? Add it to your plan today. 

VIP routing

  • Route specific customers to specific contacts within a business (eg.the department head)
  • Allows ‘VIP’ customers to skip any call queue or menu features so they get straight through to an operator

Do you have any particularly high value clients that you’d like to show some red carpet treatment too? VIP routing is perfect for showing loyal customers how much you care. You can allow them to skip call queue and menu features so that they don’t have to hang on the phone for longer than necessary.

You can also make sure their calls get through to the right person, often a senior employee in the business so they know their account is being prioritised. Roll out the red carpet, with VIP call routing now.

Ready to get started?

None of the features outlined above require ANY extra hardware or complicated set-up. All can be installed and managed through the MyWindsor portal. The only thing you need to do, is let us know which features you’d like, then let us take care of the technical bit.

That’s it for today’s spotlight feature on ‘intelligent call routing’ services. We hope this gives you the appropriate level of context and information you need to decide if any of these features are right for you. If you’d like to add any of these to your existing call plan, speak to your account manager today.

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