Part one: Spotlight on ‘in-call messaging’ features

in-call messaging
Welcome to the first installation of our call handling technology guide. We’ll be highlighting our most popular call handling features and showing you how they can help your business run in the most effective and efficient way.

Today we’re looking at ‘in-call messaging’ services which are a clever way to relay specific information to your customers.

We can break these down into three main features, the intro message, audio announcement and custom ringtone. All of these options involve using a pre-recorded message to communicate with customers without physically answering the phone. Each has its own unique benefits which we will delve into now.

Intro message

  • Perfect for when you can’t get to the phone straight away, an intro message lets your callers know they’ve come through to the right place
  • If a caller has to leave a message, your intro audio can let them know their call has been acknowledged and will be dealt with in a timely manner
  • An intro message can highlight your business opening times up-front so that callers know when they can expect to get through to somebody
  • If you have more than one virtual number you can use a different intro message for each depending on their purpose.

So there you have it, an intro message is a quick and efficient way to reassure your customers that they have phoned the correct number and that they will be contacted when possible.
Is this the kind of service you’d like to provide for your customers? We can set this up for you today.

Audio announcement

  • Similar to the intro message, an audio announcement allows you to get through to your customers using pre-recorded messages and removing any associated staff costs.
  • Ideal for things such as frequently asked questions or important information, an audio announcement can be used at any point along the caller journey. It isn’t restricted to the beginning of a call.
  • An audio announcement is great for promoting particular products or services as it can be changed as frequently as you wish

Both of these in-call messaging services allow you to communicate with your customers without necessarily being on the other end of the phone. If you are a small business owner, this is particularly reassuring as you can’t be in all places at once! These services mean a customer is more likely to leave a message with you rather than phone a competitor.

The audio can be recorded by yourself or one of our team will do this for you. From there, it couldn’t be easier to add it to your call plan through the MyWindsor portal. Speak to us about including this feature today.

Custom ringtone

  • A custom ringtone creates a seamless caller experience
  • You can disguise international dial tones or long connection pauses with a pre-recorded ring tone
  • Choose to play an introductory message followed by a ringtone to let customers know they are through to the right place (see intro message)

By now you can surely imagine the positive impact these separate technologies can have on the way your customers perceive your business. You’ll appear more professional, well established and customer focussed which is an impression that will last.

There is a final in-call messaging feature we offer, but this is one that can be used for the benefit of you and your employees. This is the ever popular ‘Audio whisper’. An audio whisper is a short message which plays when you pick up an incoming call. It lets you identify the source of the call based on which phone number has been dialled. Find out why this is one of our most popular features now.

Audio whisper

  • Ideal for tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns with associated phone numbers
  • You’ll have clarification of where a call is coming from so you can answer the phone appropriately
  • Essential if you have multiple businesses sharing one phone line

An audio whisper means you’re never on the back foot when someone calls your business. You can tailor your response depending on the origin of the call and you are able to get valuable insights into your marketing activity.

That’s it for today’s spotlight feature on ‘in-call messaging’ services. We hope this gives you the appropriate level of context and information you need to decide if any of these features are right for you. If you’d like to add any of these to your existing call plan, speak to your account manager today.

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