Outshine the rest with a great business phone number

Being self-employed is the current business must-do trend. According to the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) the UK is turning into the ‘€˜self-employment capital’€™ of Europe.

With so many new ventures appearing on the business landscape, how do you guarantee that your new enterprise gains that all-important initial advantage over the rest?

It’s worth reading our Top Tips for setting up a Small Business and pointing out that, to stand head and shoulders above the rest, you can’t beat investing in a memorable business phone number.

Phone calls remain the backbone of business communication and great customer service: the primary point of contact for new and existing customers. Just like your company name or logo, pick the right one and you not only sound professional but people remember it too.

Whether you’re aiming to be a ‘€˜local’€™ business or have ‘€˜national’€™ aspirations, we’ve got the widest range of virtual numbers ready for same-day connection. Each one works with your existing number and handset, and comes with a host of free call handling features as standard: to manage and monitor your incoming calls. And there’s the best smartphone App in the industry so you can control your number on the go indispensable to a fledgling business.

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