Ofcom to tackle price increases on fixed phone contracts

Ofcom, the UK’s independent watchdog of the communications industry have recently announced plans to protect consumers and small businesses against mid contract price hikes.

The new ruling will enable customers who have a fixed term phone or internet contract to switch provider mid-term if their bill is increased, without incurring a penalty or any additional costs.

The policies will come in to force on 23rd January 2014, and will apply to all new mobile, landline or internet contracts which are taken out after this date. Ofcom have set out strict guidelines for suppliers to follow which aim to clamp down on unnecessary and unfair piece rises.

Providers will now have to ensure they deliver their customers with at least 30 days’€™ notice before changing a contract’s price, and within this interim period consumers can terminate or switch their contract freely. This will only apply to monthly pay packages, any extra add-ons or allowances will still be susceptible to a price rise.

The clamp down provides a welcome change for consumers; as previously many people have taken out a contract completely unaware of the fact that their fixed contract prices could be increased. Research has found that the majority of the leading mobile phone operators have also failed to inform customers of this factor, so improving transparency and communication will address this and work in the favour of the consumer.

Why Windsor?

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