Ofcom announces 'Call Cost Review' to ensure transparent pricing

Ofcom announces ‘Call Cost Review’ to ensure transparent pricing


In a recent announcement, Ofcom has promised to review the current costs of calling certain telephone services in a bid to provide protection against high prices and unfair business practices.
In its announcement, Ofcom stated that it was “concerned about the rising costs of calling certain telephone service numbers. These include directory enquiries numbers, which begin with 118; and ‘personal’ or ‘follow-me’ numbers, which begin with 070 and allow users to be contacted on any phone at any location”.
Ofcom stated that it is launching a ‘Call Cost Review’ to ensure that these prices are transparent and fair.
At Windsor Telecom, this is something we support wholeheartedly. With such a wide range of telephony services available on the market, particularly with regards to number ranges, it can sometimes feel difficult to navigate this crowded landscape.
We make it our mission to make sure that anybody we work with is provided with the ‘red carpet treatment’ and anybody that joins us only ever signs into contracts that will benefit their business. We believe clear and transparent billing is a fundamental component of a company that provides great customer care.
We’re proud of our 9.7. rating on Trustpilot and consider this a product of our hard work to support our customers, whether they’re small businesses just starting out or large enterprise organisations looking to really provide a significant return on their telephony services.

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