Numbers Play a Big Part in Small Business

Make the change to a virtual phone number to mobilise major business benefits

Technology has definitely changed our daily lives and the way we all do business. In today’s digital world, it seems we can be swayed into believing that you have to splash inordinate amounts of cash on the latest tech to remedy any commercial communication issue.

Yet the mere mention of smart devices and cloud computing leaves many of us feeling somewhat dazed and confused.

BUT WAIT. Think of one simple technological tool that we rely on every day and hosts an operating platform that doesn’t bamboozle: The Telephone.

The humble phone has the power to help SMEs take substantial leaps (technologically speaking) in transforming their businesses from small to mighty’€¦all without massive hardware overhaul, hefty investment or months of tedious planning.

Opting for a memorable virtual business phone number can give access to an entire nation of customers. Increasing your customer base has never been so easy. Keep your existing number, the same equipment and long-standing landline. Just pick the perfect phone number to sit on top and open up a world of telephone tech.

Every number comes pre-loaded with a Toolbox filled with features normally associated with complex and costly phone systems. Each tried and tested feature has been specifically designed to improve call handling for you and the overall caller experience for your customers.

With nearly 5 million businesses out there vigorously competing for trade, finding new customers and keeping them can be gruelling. Windsor Telecom helps you make the most of what you already have your phone and instantly makes it work harder and better for your business venture.

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