Not Too Soon To Call

Add a virtual number to the traditional telephone to embrace tomorrow’s tech trends today.

As a Forbes‘€™ post on Garnter’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 points out, you don’t have to launch headfirst into costly implementation of technology heralded as the latest and greatest.

Neither do you have to wait until next year. Whatever size your business or sector you inhabit, one simple step could see you at the commercial cutting-edge TODAY.

Picking the perfect virtual phone number for your business could satisfy most of the predictions immediately: at least as far as the mainstay of business communication the telephone is concerned.

Blurred lines between actual and virtual: Why be tied down by any old phone number? Go virtual and sit a memorable number on top of your ordinary number. Whether you turn national with a 0800 / 03 prefix or linger locally with 01 / 02 area codes, this virtual is the affordable reality in today’s business sphere.

March of the mobile: Whatever brand of smartphone or type of mobile computing you buy into, mobile is set to continue as the trendsetter. Our market-leading App means you can control your phone number(s) and associated call plans at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen. So wherever you go, there you are.

Detailed data digging: Facts and stats help you make smart decisions. All our numbers come with Vision. These online call statistics reveal valuable information about your customers’€™ call patterns: helping you plan effectively as well as monitor marketing.

Cloud central: Digitally, being in ‘€˜the cloud’€™ means access anytime anywhere. A cloud-hosted business phone number means your call plans, call statistics and tech features are always available and never tied down to a physical location. The sky’s the limit.

Agile apps & upgrades: Our in-house team of technical experts constantly develop best-in-class business communications solutions to help you to save time, effort and money. Just take a look inside the Toolbox.

Safe & secure: Some 85% of UK businesses know their operations would suffer considerably should a catastrophe befall their landlines but less than a third have a phone recovery plan in place. All our virtual business numbers come with Instant Call Rerouting as standard. Should disaster strike and your landlines go down or your workplace be designated out of bounds, simply divert calls to any number or mobile from a telephone keypad, the web or via our free App.

It’s easy to add a virtual phone number and make the move from a behindhand business to a beforehand business. Call 0800 160 1111 to find out more.

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