Mobile phone owners to be protected from shock bills -

Mobile phone owners to be protected from shock bills

There can be nothing more gut wrenching than getting an unexpectedly ginormous bill through the letter box, especially when it is not you who has racked up those charges and you no longer have the phone in your possession as it has been stolen.

With more and more people owning a mobile phone, the number of people falling victims to theft is increasing in vast proportions. Worrying statistics by The Met has found that up to 314 phones are stolen every day in London alone, and this number is expected to increase further.

That is why the recent announcement by the Government to set a limit on the amount consumers would have to pay for their phone bill when their handset has been stolen has been welcomed by all. It will work similarly to the cap that is currently valid on debit and credit cards which are stolen.

The government has been in talks with the UK’s leading operators who have all agreed to this cap; including EE, Three, Virgin Media and Vodafone (surprisingly O2 are not included within the list).

Not only will consumers be protected from shock bills due to theft; after Ofcom announced plans to tackle price increases on fixed phone contracts in November of this year, these firms have also agreed to inform their customers of any price rises that occur during their contract. The individual will then be able to decide whether they want to carry on with their current plan or to opt out mid contract without incurring any penalties an option that previously wasn’t available.

Operators BT, Talk Talk and Sky have also agreed to warn their customers of any increases in their contracts price allowing them to break their agreement without the worry of being charged.

The changes are expected to be implemented next spring so we will see how they will roll out in practice then.

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