Make sure your customer service is top marks this Christmas -

Make sure your customer service is top marks this Christmas

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year, customers have little time and lots to do. They need things done swiftly, and making sure your business’s customer service is top notch is vital to gaining new business and recurring custom.

This is especially true if you work within a telephone based organisation, as a call may be the first and only port of contact with a customer. Making sure all company representatives have adequate telephone etiquette doesn’t take much but could be the difference in getting the sale or a customer hanging up.

1. Introduce yourself

First impressions are everything even when you’re on the telephone. Make sure you introduce yourself, and ask the customer their name. This will make the caller feel as if they are talking to a real person, and will set up the remainder of the call to have more of a personal nature.

Keep using the customer’s name for the duration of the call (but do not over use!) so they feel the call is tailored towards them, and that they are a valued customer.

2. Inform customers of what you are doing

If you are going to put the customer on hold let them know! Reassure them that it is necessary in order to deal with their request, and provide them with an estimate of how long they can expect to be on hold, even if it will be a while.

There can be nothing more annoying than being put on hold and listening to the repetitive music not knowing why or how long this will be.

3. Knowledge is key

If a customer is phoning about a specific product or service it is likely they will have questions regarding the item in question. Do not try to answer their questions if you do not know the answers, customers will smell a rat and will not be reassured or have confidence in purchasing from your company.

Instead find someone who does know the answer, either pass the call along or take a message with the query and guarantee a call back.

4. Think about when you’re not there

Customer service can still be high even when you’re not in the office. During closures and shorter opening hours, you will still receive calls and they need to be catered for. Make sure an answering service is set up which informs the customers of your opening times over the holiday period, warranting a call back when you’re back in the office.

There are many other call handling services that can be used to enhance the out of hours experience of your customers. Call diverts can be set up so that calls can be routed through to another number when the office is closed, and voicemails can be emailed directly to a representative who can then deal with the request.

We hope these tips help! If you want to find out more or discuss any of the call handling services mentioned our dedicated team will be happy to help. Give us a call today on 0800 160 1111 to find out how you could improve your level of customer service, or take a look at the options we have available here.

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