Long Live Fax

Fax to Email: The fast, reliable and easy way to receive faxes today.

Our old friend the fax is still very much in fashion. Here at Windsor Telecom, Fax to Email will always have a special place in our hearts, as well as on our platform.

First patented in 1843 way before the invention of the telephone fax machines may seem outdated. However, displaying a fax number still aids commercial credibility, especially in sectors that require a paper trail.

With Fax to Email, you can receive digital faxes direct to your inbox, ready to read anywhere, forward to colleagues or store securely in the cloud.

No need to pay for a fax machine, additional dedicated landline, maintenance or consumables. Say goodbye to wrestling with paper jams, squinting at distorted paperwork and juggling messy toner cartridges. Privacy guaranteed with faxes delivered direct to your inbox, with full transmission security, so confidential documents are no longer left sitting on fax machines.

Fax to Email saves time and reduces business overheads.

This environmentally-friendly alternative to a fax machine works with any email account (e.g. Outlook, Hotmail, Thunderbird, etc.) and any email enabled computer, mobile or touch device.

Choose a memorable number that converts an incoming fax into a PDF for an email, or transfer your existing analogue numbers to enjoy the same level of service.

Pick your dedicated fax number from a range of prefixes to best suit your requirements or to compliment your main phone number.

We also offer blocks of consecutive numbers at reduced rates for businesses that require five or more fax numbers for their staff.

Fax to the max

  • As easy to use as email
  • Managed via My Windsor online portal
  • Receive or share faxes anytime, anywhere
  • Store in email folders or in your My Windsor library
  • Fax received by up to three different email addresses
  • No line rental, additional equipment, software or consumables.
  • All this and a standard fax phone number for just £5 a month (exc VAT).

    Give us a call on 0800 160 1111 to begin transferring your numbers today.

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