Know your numbers. -

Know your numbers.

There’s no doubt about it, first impressions count and that’s why it’s important that you know your numbers.

Advertise your business with a 01 or 02 number and you could be perceived as a specialist business operating in that local geographical area. Use a 03 to show professionalism and trust or a 0800 to give you a national identity. Alternatively, if you use a 084 or 087 number then callers may know that you are looking to bring in additional revenue through inbound calls.

As every number makes a suggestion about you as a business it’s important that you know exactly what they mean to you and your customers.

So if you’re baffled by the different phone numbers available, here’s the difference between them.

Local Numbers

• 01/02 numbers are also known as geographic numbers and relate to specific area codes across the UK a great option for businesses looking to expand without wanting to pay the associated costs with opening a new office.

UK Wide Numbers

• 030 numbers are specially designed for the public sector, charities and not for profit organisations. This helps to increase consumer trust and confidence as well as giving your business a professional image.

• 033 numbers are used by businesses of every size and are highly trusted and cheap for your customers to call.

• 03 numbers are cheap to call (the same price as 01/02 numbers) and are included in many bundled mobile minutes.

Business Numbers

• 0845 numbers suggest that the company operates on a national basis, enabling you to attract customers from beyond your local area.

Freephone Numbers

• 0800 are free to call from any landline and will help give your company a national identity. These numbers can help to increase sales and enquiries and have been proven to improve response rates by up to 185%.

Revenue Numbers

• 0843 numbers are used within call centres and aftersales services due to their revenue sharing capabilities.

• 0844 numbers have low costs to run and give your business a national presence making them perfect for small businesses and tradespeople who wish to operate on a larger scale.

• 0871 numbers allow your business to generate additional revenue (up to 4p per minute) through incoming calls.

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