Just around the corner

Local numbers make your business the first choice for local custom

The length and breadth of the country, people want to work with or buy from local businesses for a variety of reasons.

Some are comfortable shopping locally, as personal experience or neighbourly recommendation breeds valuable trust in a local supplier. Others feel they might get a better deal or more relevant advice from independent merchants. For many, supporting the local economy can be a commercial prerequisite.

So how can you make your business or service easily recognised as the premier choice for a geographic area?

Windsor Telecom 01/02 numbers cover every UK area code, and come with some cracking standard features that improve call handling for you and the overall caller experience for your customers.

Cover more miles without moving an inch: You can appear anywhere when you can’t be everywhere by picking numbers with the area codes for regions identified as prime targets for business expansion. For example:

  • 0207 118 1077 London
  • 0121 401 1077 Birmingham
  • 0161 207 1077 Manchester
  • 0191 653 1077 Tyneside
  • 0131 215 1077 Edinburgh
  • 0117 259 1077 Bristol
  • 0239 354 1077 Portsmouth
  • Cross-border county cousins: If you plan to drum up business closer to home, use catchy number patterns for towns within easy reach. Let’s explore the Surrey/Sussex border:

  • 01737 470 470 Redhill
  • 01293 690 690 Crawley
  • 01444 650 650 Haywards Heath
  • 01403 854 854 Horsham
  • 01273 610 610 Brighton
  • 01825 572 572 Uckfield
  • 01306 270 270 Dorking
  • Whether you pick one business number or an entire selection, they can all be routed to your existing landline/mobile – so your business can look local whatever your UK location.

    Once you have your number(s) up and running, don’t forget to get it noticed:

  • Add it to your ads whether it’s a postcard on a noticeboard, a small ad in the local free paper or a snazzy radio commercial, make sure your phone number shouts out.
  • Print it on your business cards, compliment slips and any other business stationery don't forget invoices
  • Join a local organisation and ask to be listed in their directory
  • Community involvement is so much more than just good PR and another opportunity for your number to be seen.

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