Is your business phone number bulletproof?

If your phone lines failed, would it be ‘€˜business as usual’€™ or ‘€˜the road to ruin'?

Recent industry research by Telcompaper revealed that less than a third of UK firms have a disaster recovery plan for their phone systems. However, some 85% of those polled know that their operations would suffer considerably should a catastrophe befall their landlines.

Phone line Lifeline: all our virtual business numbers come with Instant Call Rerouting as standard. Should disaster strike and your landlines go down or your usual workplace be designated out of bounds, simply divert your calls to any number or mobile from a telephone keypad, the web or via our free App.

Why not pre-set some emergency profiles, so your calls are covered just in case calamity comes calling.

And if your business requires more complex Incident Management, ask about our bespoke Disaster Recovery Plan.

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