Increase new and existing business by switching to a free phone number

Have you seen enquiries drop off lately? Are you worried about the number of sales you have generated this quota? Well, the probability is that it is due to the type of business phone number you are using.

The Institute of Direct Marketing found that businesses who switch to a Freephone number can boost their response rates by up to 185%! An extremely impressive number that could have the positive effect you desire on the level of enquiries or sales you are generating.

Why should I choose a Freephone number?

For one, it is a powerful marketing message. Advertising to your current and existing customers that they can call your business for free will encourage people to pick up the phone. Research has shown that, given the choice, 63% of the public will choose to call a Freephone number first before trying a number that will cost to call.

Plus, with such a wide array of numbers currently on the market, consumers are often confused by all the different types available; and, in particular, they are unaware of the cost to call each, putting off potential customers who may see a number beginning with 08.

How do they work?

0800 number and 0808 numbers are typically the Freephone numbers that businesses invest in. They work as a virtual phone number which will assign itself to your existing landline or mobile, meaning you do not need to install any software to maintain your new number.

All calls from your new free number will then be diverted through to your existing line, allowing you to pick up all calls on one line.

Is it completely free to call?

Calling a Freephone number off a landline is completely free and will not incur any charges for the caller. In terms of calling from a mobile, it will typically depend on an individual service provider who will choose what to charge.

Ofcom has this on its radar though, and it aims to make all calls to Freephone numbers from a mobile free by 2015.

Why Windsor?

At Windsor we have a large database of memorable numbers to choose from, and these can be activated and set up on the same day of purchase. You will not incur any charges for set up or connection, just a monthly cost for the number.

To find out what Freephone numbers we have available click here.

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