How virtual numbers can help a small start-up business

Are you a small organisation, or thinking about starting up a new venture?

Well figuring out how to turn a great entrepreneurial idea in to a successful small business is hard work. SMEs are up against it, often competing against larger fish within the corporate ocean. That is why it is so vital to keep overhead costs down and minimise spend wherever possible.

A virtual phone number is one way to do this and is a great investment in the long run, with many added benefits that can help to establish a new business during its infancy.

Within this guide we will outline how a virtual number can help your business when you are starting up.

1. Aid to working from home

Most SMEs when they first start, decide to work from home, and you can see why.

Costs are minimal as there are no extra overheads and time is saved as the working day integrates with your home life. Business owners are in control of when and how they work providing them with the extra flexibility they desire.

By having a virtual number sit upon your home landline, it can give your customer base the impression that your start up is a far more established. Choosing a 03 or 08 number can improve your presence nationwide, helping to attract calls from across the UK rather than just within your geographical perimeter.

Upgrading to the call handling service ‘€˜call whisper’€™ will announce whether the call is personal or business helping to make you aware of the nature of the call you are about to receive. You can then answer the phone accordingly and maintain a professional image.

2. Reroute on the go

New start-ups are often on the go, trying to improve awareness of their company within the local community as well as further afield.

You don’t want to run the risk of missing an important business call whilst out and about; this is where a virtual number can help. You can choose at your discretion to reroute your calls through to a mobile phone or another landline, setting time specific rules ensuring you never miss a call from a potential customer or opportunity.

3. Walk in your customers footsteps

Customers value speaking to a human being, think about your customer’s experience when they contact you.

By simply providing a phone number this will not only show you as a reputable organisation but will help to improve customer trust with your business.

When customers do ring, ensure the customer journey is as positive and consistent as possible by being not only polite but helpful. First impressions count so make sure you make the right impression on every call.

4. Improve visibility

Exposure and visibility is key to any business, especially so in the early stages.

Working from home, or in fact in anywhere that does not have an obvious presence, means you have to get your name and brand out there. At Windsor Telecom we have a wealth of highly memorable numbers, allowing you to choose a number that your customers can recall with ease. Not only is this great for referrals but it will also help to boost your marketing campaigns enquiry rates.

There’s a huge range of memorable numbers to choose from, but the most popular numbers are those with any of the following properties:

• Repeated numbers either singular or double

• A run of consecutive numbers

• Mirrored numbers

5. Think about costs

When considering a virtual number, you must consider how much it will cost your customers to call. Choosing a number with high costs may deter customers from contacting you and could have a significant effect upon your level of enquiries.

It can be confusing to understand the different costs involved with the various numbers; for example 0845 numbers are less expensive to call than a 0844 or 0871 phone number, whereas a 03 number costs the same rate to call as a local number. Make sure you do your research as you don’t want to alienate your customer base.

You can download our extensive guide to UK phone numbers where we detail what ranges are available, their benefits as well as the cost to call

6. A number is for life

Things change. How and where you operate now might not match where you want to be in a years’€™ time.

With a virtual number you are not tied to a specific location, you can change the phone line you forward calls to at any time allowing you to take your number with you if you relocate.

7. Grow with your business

As your business develops and grows in stature as well as size, so can your phone number.

There are many different call handling features which can be added to your call package to further the control of your inbound calls and callers. How a call is handled depends entirely upon a variety of factors which are often unique to a business.

At Windsor Telecom all of our business numbers come with a free toolbox of call handling solutions, you can choose to upgrade and enhance these features at any time.

Why Windsor?

Whether you’re a new start up or an established business, a phone number is an important consideration.

At Windsor Telecom we do not underestimate the importance of this decision. Our dedicated team are on hand to help, aiming to provide you with a wealth of information on your potential choices and to help advise on what range would be most suitable for your business.

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