How to cater for remote working?

The Office for National Statistics has found that nowadays nearly 13 per cent of the workforce work primarily from home due to technological advancements as well as the current economic climate.

Technology has developed so much over the past decade and is continuing to reform the day to day business operation of an organisation; namely telecommuting and the advent of working from home to actually be of value to a corporation.

With employers introducing flexible work patterns and more employees working remotely, organisations have to cater for these new working practices and ensure they effectively manage the productivity of their workforce.

So, how does an organisation cater for a mobile workforce?

In order to stay on top of what your workforce are up to and to share knowledge, communication between all parties is key.

Email is a very easy way to converse with people no matter on their location. Setting up a business email for all employees is an effective way to promote a professional image via electronic communications.

Setting up essential call handling features can also help to cater for those who work remotely. Whether employees are working from the comfort of their own home or whilst on the go, you can set up your business phone number to route all or some calls through to a personal mobile, meaning important calls are never missed.

If you have workers in multiple locations you can also set up other useful features to enhance the service you provide towards your customers.

A ratio target is a great call plan for organisations to utilise. It works by dividing the number of calls between different locations – perfect if you have offices around the country or people working from home.

Simultaneous Targets work in a similar manner; rather than splitting out the number of calls received between different phones, multiple numbers are called at the same time. The first person to take the call will be the one connected to the caller.

With the rise of instant messaging systems such as Skype, businesses can message and share information with others wherever they are. We would also suggest that businesses invest in a conferencing system so all members of the team can partake in meetings and feel part of the companies culture.

At Windsor Telecom, we have worked with a wide variety of organisations and business sectors; helping us to understand that each business and its needs all differ substantially. We can help build and tailor bespoke solutions to support your organisation and meet your requirements no matter how flexible your workforce is.

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