How to harness the power of your LinkedIn company page


With 450 million users worldwide and 20 million living in the UK, LinkedIn really is the juggernaut of the professional networking world. If you’re not using the social platform to bolster your business and your own personal profile, you really should be. Here’s our simple guide to smartening up your company profile for generating inbound business.

The stats speak for themselves:

– 57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before the buyer talks to sales – CEB
– 75% of buyers use social media to find information of Vendors – IDC
– 90% of decision makers won’t respond to cold calls – HBR

Building your brand

Your brand reputation is the first thing you need to think about. Beyond anything else, this is your perfect opportunity to extend your reach beyond your website. Spend some time setting up your page with a high quality logo and a strong banner (or background) image that reflects your business and brand nicely.

Make sure you fill out your profile with as much short, sharp detail as possible. Your goal is to make it as easy for prospective customers to find your profile as possible. You can do this by incorporating keywords throughout your profile. Be sure to fill out the ‘specialities’ section too, these words will help improve your searchability across the site.

Cultivating connections

Did you know that a staggering 80% of LinkedIn users  say they want to connect with companies? Better still, users that are following companies are 50% more likely to buy from them. Taking those stats into consideration, you need to think about the audience you’re targeting and how you’re going to get them to engage with your brand. This comes down to producing ‘A grade’ content that’ll resonate with your audience and provide some value to them. Don’t go on an out-an-out sales offensive, it’ll cause your followers to disengage.

Keeping top of mind

As we mentioned above, the quality of your content is what will really capture your audience’s attention. Posting endless streams of sales content will cause your followers to lose interest and defeat the object of being on there in the first place. Get your content right and post updates that actually mean something to your audience and you’ll do something incredibly important: You’ll plant yourself firmly at the forefront of their mind should they ever need you, along with their belief that you’re an expert at what you do.

Promote, promote, promote.

Your LinkedIn page, like your other social media pages and any other marketing channels you choose to use will all have a slightly different tone of voice and style of delivery. Think about exactly who it is that you’re trying to appeal to and make sure you spend your time really honing your messaging.

Found something that works? Don’t be afraid of investing some money sponsoring LinkedIn posts to reach farther and drive deeper engagement from those who wouldn’t have otherwise seen your posts.


Your LinkedIn company page is one of the many extremely useful tools for supercharging your marketing activity. Get your LinkedIn efforts right and it’ll be a perfect method of driving both web and call traffic to your business. Timing is everything and making sure that you’re engaging with the right people through LinkedIn will see your inbound business increase exponentially.


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