Government’s use of 0845 numbers costs consumers millions

A recent public accounts committee report has found that the public are spending over ‘£56 million a year calling Government phone numbers.

The Government is forcing the hand of the UK’s most vulnerable people, such as victims of crime, widows and students, by having such high call tariffs on vital services, and millions of people are being ripped off each year due to this.

Subdivisions of the Government have been criticised for using these phone lines, and the weight of the criticism has landed on the Department for Work and Pensions and HM Revenue and Customs who received the largest percentage of these costly calls. Other departments who have been slated for using these higher rate phone numbers are the Student Loan Company, the Bereavement Service and the Helpline for Victims of Support; all of which are there to help and support the UK public and are not a source for money making.

However it is not just the cost of these calls that have been highlighted, the report also goes into detail into the inefficiencies of these departments.

The findings emphasised the long waiting times that the public have had to experience when calling these numbers, with long waits and being put on hold common practice. This is not surprising due to the fact that the majority of these Government divisions have no targets in place.

Why not a 0300 Number?

Here at Windsor Telecom we would highly advise Governmental departments to reconsider the current 0845 phone numbers they use, instead we would recommend switching across to a 0300 number.

0300 numbers are recommended by the official communications regulator Ofcom, and are exclusive to local Governments, councils, charities and non-profit organisations.

They cost the same amount to call as a 01/02 phone number (even when calling from a mobile phone), and free minutes within your mobile or landline tariff can be used to call these numbers at no extra charge. Due to their transparent costs, these set of numbers are highly trusted by the public, who are more likely to call a number when they see it begins with a 0300.

Clients of Windsor such as Buckinghamshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police and Renfrewshire Council are only a handful of institutions across the UK who are already using 03 numbers because of their valued properties. So, why shouldn’t the Government?

Interested in a 0300 number?

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