Get your phone number noticed

OK so you’ve invested in a great virtual phone number for your business with a free Directory Enquiries listing as part of the deal. But to start reaping the rewards of more enquiries and more sales, you have to advertise your number.

Here are our Top Tips so that your business phone number is not conspicuous by its absence:

• Promote one, and only one, number. Our instant Route to Mobile means there’s no need to promote your mobile number

• Pop it on your website don’t keep it just for the ‘€˜Contacts’€™ page: be big, be bold and position it right up there on the front page with your logo

• Add it to your ads whether it’s a postcard on a noticeboard, a small ad in the local free paper or a snazzy radio commercial, make sure your phone number shouts out

• Print it on your business cards, compliment slips and any other business stationery don't forget invoices

• Write on the wall by displaying your number on your outdoor signage

• Drive calls to you with a bumper or window sticker for your car even customised vehicle graphics

• Stick it on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles

• Incorporate with your profile picture then every time you post, your number is there for all to see

• Join a professional organisation and ask to be listed in their directory

• Community involvement is so much more than just good PR and another opportunity for your number to be seen

• In short, quote it at every opportunity

Remember, using social media positions you and your small business as an expert in your field a more subtle way to tell your marketplace exactly how good your business is.

Our specialist Account Managers can help you make the most of your virtual business number. Give us a call on 0800 160 1111.

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