Forget me not

shutterstock_525123076University of Birmingham study links fading memory to reliance on online searching

According to a Europe-wide study, widespread digital dependence is ‘€˜eroding human memory’€™.

Polling UK adults, 45% can remember their childhood home phone number with ease, but only 29% can remember their own children’s numbers, and 43% their work number.

The UK fared worse than the rest of Europe when it came to recalling a partner’s phone number: a staggering 49% drew a blank versus Italy’s more touching 20%.

As mobile usage mushrooms, our ability to remember phone numbers is clearly a dying art. This time last year, the Telegraph reported just 25% knew their home number, but the proportion was much higher for Londoners.

If we struggle to memorise the contact numbers of our nearest and dearest, surely it’s now a commercial necessity for a business or organisation to promote a phone number that’s so catchy no one has to defer to a digital device.

Ban the bland. Pick a memorable phone number today and make your organisation unforgettable.

Call 0800 160 1111 or 0333 121 3000.

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