Here’s how a memorable phone number could grow your business but reduce your working hours

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Everybody has to start somewhere, right? When setting up a small business, there are a million and one things to think about. Let’s be honest, it’s likely that a business telephone number probably wasn’t at the top of the agenda to begin with – especially if you already had a perfectly good landline or mobile.

Open all hours

We can bet it wasn’t long before your home phone became inundated with business calls at all hours, or you began taking calls on your mobile when you’re out and about with your family at the weekend. In order to maintain a work life balance, you need to be able to distinguish between a work call and a personal call.
Naturally, you want to make money and run a successful business so you need a dedicated phone number for customers to call. At the same time, you need to be able to enjoy the life that you have earned and know when to switch those calls to divert at the weekend for example.
Well here’s the good news: You can have a successful work life balance with a virtual phone number.
To explain, when you purchase a virtual number from Windsor Telecom, it can be routed through to a landline or mobile of your choosing. It can also be diverted at any time through an online portal which you can manage yourself. As long as you have an Internet connection and access to a desktop or mobile phone, you can login into My Windsor at any time and manage where your calls should go.

Making your life easier

There are a number of other call handling features available to you that can help to make managing your business calls even easier. For example, we can pre-record an intro message that customers will hear when they call you, which outlines your ‘opening hours’ and gives them the option to leave a message. This will help you maintain a balance between work hours and leisure hours which so often blend into one another if you run your business from home.
For those who’d like to keep an eye on things outside of working hours, our voicemail to email service comes in handy. Simply check your emails for any voicemail notifications and you have the freedom to take action if there are any urgent requests.

First impressions count

Remember that, next to your company name, your phone number is the first piece of information a customer is likely to see. They have the ability to decide whether or not to phone you or a competitor based purely on those digits so it needs to make an impact.
When it comes to choosing your virtual number, the world is your oyster. We have some of the most memorable number ranges available so there’s something to suit your business.

Putting customers first

If you really want to win favour with your customers, make sure it’s a number they’d be happy to call. ‘What does that mean?’, we hear you ask. Why would somebody be ‘un-happy’ to call?. One word – cost. If you’re in the business directory next to a competitor and you list a mobile number but they list an 0800 number, it’s almost certain you’re going to lose out to that competitor.
Our memorable number ranges include 0800 freephone numbers and some other increasingly popular ranges such as 0333 or 0345, which are widely recognised as a national and cheap to call number. These numbers are already appealing due to their memorable nature and customers are more likely to stay on the line for longer as they won’t be worrying about a cost building up.

Is now a good time?

Do you only list a mobile number for your business? As well as being more expensive to call, a mobile number can also imply you’re difficult to get a hold of, or out on the road throughout the day.
Though you may be perfectly happy to use the mobile handset, by having a nationally recognised business number, you’re less likely to lose out on a potential customer as they get the impression that they’ll be phoning a landline. It’s a subtle difference but one that could equal more business calls for you.

Expand your business, for as little as £12.50 per month

Having a nationwide number will bolster your brand and status. Regardless of whether you are a sole trader or not, when a customer sees your national business number they create a vision in their minds of an established and successful company. An 0800 or 0345 number can make your business appear larger than it really is, and therefore people are more likely to choose you over your competitors.
Our business numbers start from just £10 a month. That’s £10 per month to set your business apart from the competition without making any changes to your operations. It’s a no brainer right?

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