More effective phone calls: more effective business

harness your calls

86% of telephone communication is made up of tone of voice – just 14% is what we say

Looking at a statistic like that makes you appreciate just how important the humble phone call is to your business. Though it may not be the newest form of technology out there, it’s certainly one of the most effective when it comes to conveying a message.

Not only does a phone call help us to communicate effectively, it is also the only way, besides face to face contact, to get an instant response. Text based messaging such as email and direct mail, have delayed response times (that’s if anyone decides to reply at all).

The way in which you can measure phone call effectiveness has changed, it’s now as easy to track a phone number as it is to track an email response. If you’re not yet tracking your call activity, you should be. Measure the volume and quality of your inbound calls and you’ll be able to see how well your marketing efforts are working. Measure the number of outbound calls from your sales people to see how efficiently they’re working.

The options are endless.

Intrigued to know more?

We’ve put together a whitepaper on how to harness your business phone calls for inbound leads. Download it now and maximise your success.



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