Take it from Star Wars: Don’t let your business go Rogue

star wars storm troopers
With the release of the new Star Wars film today, we were inspired to look back on some of the lessons we can learn from these iconic movies and how we can use them to our own business advantage. We read a great article from StarWars.com and used it as inspiration, putting together five winning tips to take your business to galactic new heights.

1. Embrace the traits that make you stand apart

storm trooper
Your business is unique – even if you’re selling a product or service that lots of other businesses provide. No other business does exactly the same thing as you and in the same way, so if you work in a saturated market, you just need to find your unique selling point (USP). It could be your amazing customer service, a selection of extra features or even simply having a brand that looks and feels a bit different to the rest of the market — whatever it is, take it and run with it.
At Windsor, we know we aren’t the only telecommunications provider on the block, but our red carpet service and dedicated account manager for each customer really makes us stand out from the masses (You could even say, it gives our customers ‘A New Hope’).

2. Realise others see the world differently to how you do.

luke skywalker
Different people have different needs, but if someone has shown an interest in your business then it’s safe to assume they’re ready to be approached. Now you need to think: How are you going to move things forward? Some people respond well to good ol’ fashioned sales spiel, others prefer a softly, softly approach. You need to think about how you’d like your business to be perceived by potential customers, but be willing to adapt yourself when projecting that vision.
The most important thing is to respect the person that you’re dealing with and have their best interests at heart. Then, using your expertise, hopefully you can guide them into the right purchase for them.

3. It’s never too late to turn things around

darth vader
Starting and running a business is hard. Keeping up with daily demands is a full time job on its own. Combine that with planning your future strategy and you may find yourself a little overwhelmed — especially if business isn’t exactly booming.
What advice can Star Wars give you for this particular dilemma? Easy. Don’t give up. Often, the best success stories come from failure. With the right amount of dedication and determination to succeed, you can bring yourself back from the dark side. Did you know for example, that before Steve Jobs became the iconic businessman we remember him as, he was actually let go from his OWN business? Imagine that. 12 years later however, (after a string of other incredible successes) he was reinstated as CEO at Apple and went on to become one of the most recognised business leaders of all time.

4. Keep your mind open to new possibilities

anakin skywalker
If you’re lucky enough to have started your own business, then good news: you’re flexible. Hear me out. Say your original business plan or idea isn’t turning out to be as fruitful as you had hoped, then you can change focus. Look at Facebook: originally started as a web-based application, they noted the huge trend for mobile use and completely adapted themselves to suit this format, with web taking a back seat. They responded directly to what the consumer wanted and you can do the same. Its known in the industry as a pivot.
If the solution that your business provides is less in demand now as the world moves on, it’s time to pivot on to the next one. This might mean that your business plan no longer looks like you first imagined it, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be better than you imagined.

5. A little hope goes a long way

Our final tip speaks for itself. Without hope, what have you got?Not much. If you believe in your business idea and your ability to succeed, then you’ve won half the battle already. Try to nurture a culture of positivity in your business because before you know it, it’ll transfer to everyone around you. Your peers, employees and suppliers alike will become a reflection of how you operate.
Call it the law of attraction (if you believe in that kind of thing), but your business’ vision truly can be realised through your actions and the actions of those working with you. That’s how a company culture is formed.
So, there you have it. 5 tips to take your business into outer space. In the words of the Jedi’s ‘May the force be with you’.
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