Let’s get digital: The changing face of faxing

Faxing has a bad name in a modern, digital world. Email, among other things, has had its part in destroying the fax machine, but most of us still need to send and receive them. While the machines are gathering dust faxing has evolved, and it’s easy and very cost effective.
You might be sitting there wondering who still needs to send faxes? Isn’t email good enough?€ The short answer is that no, in some cases, email isn’t the right choice for sending documents, for several reasons.

Sign, sealed, delivered.

In some sectors, particularly healthcare, finance and law, businesses are governed by strict compliance regulations regarding the protection of data. The signatures on faxed documents are treated the same as in-person signatures, while electronic signatures aren’t always accepted.
Another important security protocol under certain regulations is that when sending certain documents, the sender must have confirmation that the message was delivered successfully. This happens automatically happens when a fax is sent.
In short, for many businesses faxing is still a part of doing business, but that doesn’t mean they are doing it the same way they always have.

Do it with digital.

Enter Digital Faxing from Windsor Telecom. Simply simply choose your memorable fax number and you’ll be sending and receive faxes directly into your inbox. Easy. Once you have your faxes as emails you’ll be able to read them anywhere. Better still, you can print them, store them securely or send them to others easily. All the benefits of faxing with none of the hassle.
Digital Faxing is easy and, more importantly, saves you time and money. Your dedicated fax number lets you send and receive faxes by email or using our My Windsor Portal on computer, tablet or mobile. Binning your fax machine will eliminate the need for not only the machine itself but fax supplies, a separate phone line for faxing and costly maintenance.
Whilst the traditional fax machine may be fading into the background, the notion of sending a fax is still alive and well. It’s just becoming easier, less expensive, and more efficient, and we can all agree that is an improvement.

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