Why 98% of customers want your phone number to take centre stage

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The people have spoken. A recent Qualtrics study found that 98% of customers want your company phone number to appear ‘upfront’ on your homepage or at least accessible within one click. This statistic may come as a surprise when we consider today’s consumer trends – namely browsing, researching and purchasing online. More and more people are happy to purchase goods and services online without ever having to ever speak to somebody directly. This, coupled with the number of ‘free trial’ offers we’re now bombarded with daily, allows us in many cases to experience the benefit of a product without any money ever changing hands. Cool, huh?

Take a chance on me.

Netflix is a perfect example of this, offering new customers the ability to trial their product, absolutely free, for a month. This way the user can see for themselves not only how the service works, but more crucially, whether they like it or not. Believing in your product is important and here at Windsor we’re so confident in our memorable phone numbers that we also offer a 30 day trial. This gives them chance to test the number and make the most of all of the clever behind-the-scenes technology at the same time. Only by having hands on experience of a memorable number can they reap the rewards and, with the right marketing, they never look back.

This trend for online consumerism got us thinking about the impact on human interaction. Amazingly, more than 50% of 23-35 year olds said they’d be satisfied with this kind of ‘robot only’ service. It seems that when it comes to researching and purchasing, customers want a frictionless experience with little interruption. Take customer service on the other hand and the stats speak for themselves – 98% cant be wrong. You need to have a phone number, it needs to be memorable and it needs to be easy to find. Fact.

Call me maybe?

‘Why?’ we hear you ask. Simple. People want that ‘human safety net’. Rather than for the purposes of buying or decision making, it’s the reassurance of a friendly voice on the end of the phone to answer your questions or advise you if something goes wrong. The customer service teams who support you when there’s a glitch become life savers, coming to the rescue with their technical knowledge and desire to help. It’s that personal touch of speaking to someone who knows what you’re going through that makes the difference between customer experience and great customer experience. Sometimes the FAQ section on a website just won’t do. Give us a bit of good ol’ fashioned empathy any day.

Sending out an SOS.

So, we’ve established how important it is to make sure your customers have a number that’s easily accessible. Now what if these same customers didn’t have access to the Internet at a time when they needed assistance? Unthinkable, right?

You phone number needs to stick in people’s minds. We have a large selection of freephone and national telephone numbers available, so you can pick the number most suited to your business. With a memorable phone number, your customers will always be able to reach you; it’ll also make recommending you to their friends and colleagues far easier!

Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

If you want to propel yourself to the next level in customer relations then consider this: No one wants to be passed around a switchboard when they call in, so direct your customers to the right person depending on their needs. Introducing a menu option service on your phone line will help your customers select exactly which department they need to speak to quickly, saving your staff the time.

Remove the stress, enhance the experience, everybody wins.
So to make sure your business really appeals to your customers, you need to keep them at the forefront of everything you do. Make sure your company phone number takes centre stage on your homepage and they’ll thank you for it.
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