Customers queuing for what you have to offer?

Make missed calls and the dreaded engaged tone things of the past. Add Call Queue to your phone’s line-up quickly and easily.

We all delight in finding ourselves in a queue that beats another queue. Or being first in line as avid Apple fans prove by queuing round the block for the latest phone upgrade.

But in times of high demand, is your business fit to cope when a crowd of customers comes calling?

Our virtual business phone numbers instantly unlock a toolbox of cool upgrades and Call Queue is just one of them.

Queuing has its benefits: At the touch of a button or tap of a screen, a Call Queue upgrade:

  • Answers incoming calls immediately
  • Waves goodbye to the engaged tone
  • Warmly welcomes callers with a pre-recorded greeting
  • Relieves the boredom of waiting in line with hold music or promotional messages
  • Seamlessly connects callers to the next available line.
  • So whether a brand giant or a small business, our virtual numbers open up a world of big business phone upgrades. Call us today to find out more.

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