Cloud Cover

Mention ‘€˜the cloud’€™ and most will picture complex computing systems, veiled in confusing techno-speak and secured behind access processes so intricate that they seem utterly scary to navigate.

In short technology many believe couldn’t possibly be appropriate for them, their business or everyday working practices.

Yet we all know that things are never as daunting as they first appear. In fact, it makes commercial sense for cost-conscious SMEs to put their business head in the cloud as far as communications are concerned.

As 4 Reasons Small Businesses Should Migrate to the Cloud (a brief article published by Entrepreneur) demonstrates, the savvy can soon reap the rewards of lower costs, better collaboration, increased flexibility and greater integration.

But where do you start? Why not take a fresh look at your business phone number. Sitting a virtual number on top of your existing line can catapult you skyward, technologically speaking: helping you handle calls smoothly and bring more sales to your bottom line.

There’s a wide range of highly memorable virtual phone numbers to suit ventures of every type, size and budget. Whether you choose a Freephone 080, a business 03 or local 01/02 numbers, styling your own distinctive number means you can always leave a lasting impression.

Also, move and your number moves with you. No need to reprint stationery, change your website or alter your advertising.

Quick and easy, a virtual phone number is a great way to take your first steps into the cloud.

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