Climate Control

shutterstock_160577486Windsor Telecom solutions to weatherproof your business

Temperatures are set to plummet this week and further risks of temperamental weather could disrupt travel around the country. With snow, ice and gales forecast, the last thing you want is to set off on a lengthy commute with no guarantee of actually reaching your office.

Commutes may be hellish for you but there’s no need for your customers to suffer too. When caught in the bad weather you can simply pick up calls wherever you are using your My Windsor app, or have calls forwarded to your mobile. With a few clicks you can get the call diverted to a colleague, the customer doesn’t need to know you are struggling with the elements and not available at your desk.

With weather conditions affecting all across the UK, meetings can be postponed or cancelled due to delegates dropping out at the last minute. Connect with these colleagues using our personalised Conference Call service so there’s no need for treacherous travelling. As long as you have phone signal or an Internet connection you can hold a meeting anywhere.

High winds can mean trees falling and damaging vital communication and power lines. If power is down in the office, instant Disaster Recovery can combat the chaos by ensuring all calls are covered and transferred quickly and seamlessly.

To negate these business adversities and keep your business running efficiently requires solid communications. Our plans can help your business run smoothly when there are travel delays.

Make sure your business communications aren’t as unreliable as the British weather. Call 0800 160 1111 today.

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