Case Studies on how a virtual number can benefit a small business

At Windsor Telecom we work with a vast range of businesses of all sizes, statures and sectors.

We are often asked how a virtual phone number can benefit a SME, so we thought we would show you how by using real life success stories from our customers.

Increase response rates

A virtual number can provide your business with a nationwide presence with research showing that 0800 numbers in particular can help to improve an organisations response rates by up to 185%! stated, Having a 0800 number has meant that the amount of telephone enquiries we receive has increased dramatically.’€

As a business, offering a 0800 number to your customer base shows that you value their custom enough to pay for their call and that’s a powerful message you can use to attract new business.

What’s more with virtual numbers businesses can secure a number that is easy to remember helping them to not only stand out from their existing competition but also to improve the probability of contact.

Save time and money

Many of our customers have been blown away by how affordable our ranges of phone numbers are, allowing them to compete with larger organisations.

We have many loyal customers who have remained with Windsor over the years due to the ease of transferring their numbers across when relocating. Kersh Media, have changed offices twice since becoming a Windsor customer and were impressed with the flexibility the number offered as well as the money saved in administration costs.

Improve Awareness of a brand

NLP Life Training invested in a 0845 phone number, due to the non-geographic properties of these number ranges. Its aim was to improve public awareness of the brand and to establish a nationwide presence and they found that a 0845 number not only helped to do this but also attracted customers from across the country.

If you want to have a further look at our customer case studies click here, there are many more examples to show you how a virtual number can enhance your business.

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