Call handling technology 101: tune in every week for our handy guides

Those three little words that mean so much. You know the one’s we’re talking about, right? We’re lucky enough to hear them every day here at Windsor HQ… yep, it’s all about ‘call handling technology’.
Working at a telecoms company, it’s easy for us to take for granted all of the behind-the-scenes features that are on offer with our memorable telephone numbers. Call handling tech shouldn’t be taken lightly though – it’s sophisticated stuff and we’re proud of it.
We’ve decided to put together a series of articles specifically detailing our most popular call handling tech features and explaining just why your business can’t live without them.
We’ll cover:

  • what the features are
  • how they can benefit your business
  • how you can include them on your call plan
  • how you can manage them through our simple to use ‘MyWindsor’ portal

So stay tuned as we’ll be discussing a different feature each week.
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