Here’s what to look for when buying a phone number

buying a phone numberBuying a phone number isn’t always the first priority for a business when starting out and it’s extremely common for owners simply use their personal mobile phone or landline to manage their calls. Sure, it may work just fine in the short term, but what do you do as your business grows? Do you really want customers knowing your personal contact details? Do you think it looks as professional as it could? Perhaps not.
As you start growing your customer base and building your brand, you need to think about buying a phone number for your business. Why? Because the right number will help you increase inbound leads, manage calls better and grow your business. But with so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to know where to start. This in mind, we’ve put together a definitive guide of things to look for when buying a phone number.

Which number is right for you?

Before you do anything you need to think about which phone number is best for your business.
Are you looking for more inbound calls and business opportunities? Perhaps you’re looking to manage your calls better whilst you’re out and about on the road. Maybe you want to start making money from inbound calls. Whatever your objective, there’s a number range that’s perfect for you.
Not sure? You can read our more detailed guide here.

Beware hidden charges.

Of course it’s always tempting to go for the cheapest offer when buying a phone number, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best value for money. Don’t be distracted by the monthly service charge; take whole bundle into account. A low monthly service charge could mean high inbound minute charges and you could quite quickly find yourself paying more than you’d first anticipated.
There’s a better way. Look for companies offering bundled minutes in a similar way to a mobile phone provider. This way you can be sure you don’t get hit with high phone bills. It really helps to have a plan of action, along with a good understanding of the minutes you’ll be using. This way you’ll be able to plan your agreement based on your exact requirements and make sure you have a package that’s perfectly suited to you.

Consider how you’ll manage your number

Beyond the initial contract, you need to think how you’ll manage your number. Some important factors you should consider are: How much control will you have over your number? How quickly can you adapt your plan based on your requirements? How easy is it to analyse all data and identify trends?
Many people forget to consider the day-to-day management of their number when signing themselves into a contract. After all, it’s just a number right? Wrong. Managed correctly, you could see inbound enquiries soar and it’s easier than you think.

Find the right support

When it comes to buying a phone number, you need to think about the long term. Sure, signing a cheap contract with a basic number is quick and easy, but what happens when you have issues or you need some customer support?
A good company will be able to provide you continuous advice and support every step of the way the way, helping you to really make the most of your number. Better still, they’ll help you understand the impact it can have on your business and work with you to make sure you’re driving maximum return on investment or ‘bang’ for your ‘buck’.
The telecoms industry isn’t one that’s known for customer service and that’s why you should always aim for companies that pride themselves on theirs. Look to review sites like to get an understanding of what real customers think of the service and how helpful they are.

Ready to get started?

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