Business Weather Warning

Nearly 60% of small firms don't have plans in place to combat extreme weather conditions when they strike.

This bleak fact was released by the Federation of Small Businesses may have gone unnoticed, due to it being released just as most businesses were shutting up shop for the Christmas holidays.

As high winds, wintry showers and the threat of flooding hit every corner of the UK, would it be ‘€˜the road to ruin’€™ or ‘€˜business as usual’€™ for your enterprise?

Loss of Power: Phone line failure is potentially disastrous for any organisation. Not to mention being deprived of heat, plunged into darkness or left powerless. Sitting a virtual business number on top of your existing landline could be your lifeline.

Extreme Business Planning: Snowed in or flooded out, virtual numbers expose you to a world of business call enhancing features to combat the elements:

My Windsor App: Stay in control when conditions change your plans. Download our market-leading App so you can control your number(s) remotely.

Redirect Numbers: You might be cut off but your calls aren’t. Target up to three destinations for your calls at any one time. If unanswered or the line engaged, the call moves on to the next number until it’s answered, or divert to your mobile. So your calls follow you when you can't get into your workplace.

Audio Whisper: Never give callers a frosty reception. A quick whisper in your ear before the call connects means you know it’s business related before you answer, so you can greet the caller appropriately. Ideal if you're stranded at home.

Audio Announcement: Upload and play messages to your callers during turbulent times. Alerting customers with important information and critical updates frees up time on the phone and helps handle urgent business requests.

Missed Call Alerts: Never let a call slip passed in tough wintery conditions. Caller details instantly emailed direct to your inbox when someone can't get through or doesn't leave a message.

Conference Call: Too treacherous to travel? Host customer, supplier and staff meetings in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery: If you need tailored Incident Management then our in-house team of specialist developers design bespoke solutions to resolve your business communication issues. Let us guide you through the process and deliver a package that fits your business like a glove.

Don’t get left out in the cold. Be prepared and stay ahead of the competition this and every winter. Protect and maximise business opportunities with a virtual phone number wrapped in a warming tech bundle…call 0800 160 1111 (or 0333 123 1010 from a mobile).

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