Business benefits of choosing a memorable phone number

At Windsor Telecom we have an extensive database full of highly memorable numbers allowing customers to choose a number that can be easily remembered and also stand out from their competition.

But what are the benefits to a business of having a number which is memorable?

It may seem an obvious reason, but switching over your current phone number to a simpler number will help your customers to remember you improving the probability of contact.

If a number is simple and can be recalled from memory, existing customers and customers with new enquiries will be able to get hold of you; cutting out the need to undertake a search process in order to find your business.

In terms of advertising and marketing activities, having a memorable number is essential to improving response rates. We have all heard those catchy adverts on the radio or TV that publicise their phone number which you only have to hear once and then you can’t get the number out of your head!

Having a memorable phone number on all of your marketing material will improve the likelihood of your company being called over your competitors.

What constitutes as a memorable number?

For a number to be easily remembered, choose one which has at least one of the following features:

• Repeated singular number

• Repeated double numbers

• A consecutive run of numbers

• Mirrored numbers

Human Memory Process

Due to the way that the human brain works, splitting a long number into manageable chunks helps to improve memory recall. This is because it reduces the number of items that the brain needs to remember; encoding the number within your short or long term memory.

Association is also a key part within the memory encoding process. If your business has a number associated with it, try and pick a number with this within; for example, if you are offering an emergency call out service try having ‘€˜999’€™ in your phone number.

At Windsor Telecom, we have been providing firms with memorable business numbers for the past ten years, so why not try one of our numbers now? Sign up for a free 30 day trial and you will be able to see the benefits of choosing a memorable number for your business.

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