Back to the Future…

…the mobile phone and 080 Freephone numbers all turn 30.

Welcome to 2015! Already a momentous year for fans of the telecommunication world.

This year marks 30 years since that inaugural mobile phone call AND the launch of 0800 Freephone numbers both appeared on the scene back in 1985 amid other great debuts such as the Live Aid concerts and EastEnders.

Who’€™d have predicted that within three decades more calls would be made from mobiles than from traditional landlines?*

Less is More: Some of this will certainly be the result of the device’s massive weight-loss regime. Having started out at a near immobile 5kg (that’s as heavy as the average domestic cat or 5x 1 litre bottles of water), mobiles bucked the trend on their journey to middle age by shedding pounds and slimming to an average 130g.

With newfound leanness came expanding coverage (ironically), the flexibility to make calls anytime anywhere, and added digital dexterity. Yet not the freedom to call a business 08 Freephone number for free.

For 30 years, the mobile phone and Freephone have lived a parallel existence. Until this summer when, from 1 July, calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers finally become free to call from mobiles.

Business Boost: No longer will the UK’s dialling public hear a discouraging cautionary message. Once freed from cost constraints, mobile calls to the 080 range will mushroom. More calls mean more enquiries and thus, more sales. A slice of increased sales no business can afford to ignore.

And with only so many 080 number permutations out there, it goes without saying that the best most memorable are the most sought after, and selling fast.

Get your Freephone 080 number before your competitors do. Ring 0800 160 1111 (or 0333 123 1010 if calling from a mobile prior to 1 July).

*60% of UK calls are now made from a mobile (Ofcom Communications Market Report 2014)

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