All Queued Up

We all delight in being first in line or finding ourselves in a queue that beats another queue. But, in times of high demand, is your business match fit to cope when a crowd of customers comes calling?

Take a tip from the All England Lawn Tennis Club. Accomplished at making standing in line a pleasurable experience, queuing at Wimbledon has become an event in itself: with customers returning year after year. It’s also well prepared for example, issuing A Guide to Queuing in preparation for this year’s championship fortnight.

Get Set: Make missed phone calls and the dreaded engaged tone things of the past for your customers. Add Call Queue to your phone's line-up – quickly and easily.

Take a 30-day free trial on a virtual business number and try our inbound Call Queue feature for yourself:

• Answer incoming calls immediately

• Wave goodbye to the engaged tone

• Warmly welcome callers with a pre-recorded greeting

• Relieve the boredom of waiting in line with hold music or promotional messages

• Seamlessly connect callers to the next available person.

All numbers come with Vision Lite our call-tracking technology, for real-time stats on incoming calls.

So whether a brand giant or a small business, our virtual numbers open up a world of big business phone upgrades – no hardware required – so you never miss a shot at business, deliver ace service and gain advantage over the competition. A win-win all round.

Make the right call today. Speak to a personal coach to find out how to turn telephone traffic jams into an orderly queue on 0800 160 1111.

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