Why 0800 numbers are still the cream of the crop

Why-0800-numbers-are-still-the-cream-of-the-cropYou might find yourself wondering what benefit 0800 numbers (freephone) might bring to you. You might find yourself asking questions like, ‘Why would I need a virtual telephone number when I have my mobile phone?’ or ‘I’m just a local business, why would I need a national number?’.

Don’t panic, you wouldn’t be alone. Many of our 0800 number customers felt the same before they invested in one so hold that thought for a moment – you might be missing a trick.

Our 0800 number range has always been and still is, our most popular product. To explain why we’ve compiled a short list of reasons that these numbers continue to be so successful in bolstering business calls for thousands of companies around the UK.

Increase your incoming call volume.

The most striking reason to invest as little in an 0800 number is a simple one: To boost your company’s inbound enquiries. It has never been more important to put the consumer first in order to retain them. From their perspective at least, the fact that you offer them a free-to-call phone number gives a clear incentive for them to call you.

According to startups.co.uk, http://startups.co.uk/switching-to-a-free-0800-number-the-benefits/ your inbound enquiries can increase by as much as 175%. That’s an easy justification when you consider the low cost of running a virtual 0800 number; they start from just £12.50 per month!

Increase customer satisfaction

When 0800 numbers were first released, they were free to call from a landline, but were subject to high charges from mobile callers. A lot of people don’t realise that Ofcom stepped in on July 1st 2015, announcing that calls from mobile phones to 0800 numbers should in fact also be free to call too.

What’s important for your business is that it gives your customers the real peace of mind they expect when calling a customer-focused business. No hidden charges, just good ol’ fashioned customer service from their supplier.

Increase your appeal

An 0800 number can be set up in a matter of hours and will give your business near instant nationwide appeal. An 0800 number replaces local dialling codes which allows you to expand into new locations easily.

For an online or mail order business that covers the whole of the UK, a local telephone number would to constrain your business to one geographical location. Presenting yourself as a nationwide business with a freephone 0800 number will help you appear more established which will, in turn, create trust with your prospective customers. If a customer trusts that you’re a reputable business, they’ll buy from you – It’s that simple.

Setting up an 0800 number is simple and starts from just £12.50 per month. A virtual telephone number will power your business, encourage inbound enquiries and help drive your business’ brand reputation. Better still, with all of our clever technology, managing your business communications has never been easier.

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