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We promise we will lower your bills and give you better customer service than your current provider.

Porting your number to us has never been so easy. We have agreements with all the major platforms that make porting your existing numbers incredibly straightforward, even better it’s completely free.

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What is porting?

Number porting is the simple process of moving telephone numbers from one operator to another. If you already have a telephone number with another provider, but you would like us to maintain and provide services for that number, then you can port it to us.

There is no physical hardware change involved and the process can be handled very quickly with little or no disruption of service.

Save £££’s compared to BT

See how much better off your business could be with your number managed by Windsor Telecom:

080 Numbers Monthly Fee Free Landline Minutes Extra Call Charges per Landline Min Dedicated Account Manager Monthly Cost for 500 Mins Usage
Windsor Telecom £12.50 500 4p YES £12.50
BT £10.00 0 4.98p NO £34.90

Compared to BT your business could save over £260 a year!

*Price comparison correct as of April 2017

Why port your number to us?

Save Money

Save Money

We guarantee that by porting your existing numbers we will reduce your call bills for a like-for-like set-up. We know that our best-in-class call handling services will help you refine and manage your business calls to greater effect, helping to drive further cost efficiencies.

Free features

Free features

Once you are live on the Windsor Telecom platform, you can enjoy a wide range of features completely free. You will be able to access free live online call statistics and use our free call divert service with instant call rerouting – you will even benefit from inclusive call minutes and many other features at absolutely no extra charge.

Safe hands

Safe hands

The Windsor Telecom team has ported thousands of numbers onto our platform over many years. When you choose to port to us your dedicated Account Manager will take care of everything – you are in safe hands.

Market leading portal

Market leading portal

Our online portal, My Windsor, gives you control of your business telecoms. Get instant online access, from any device, so you can manage all of your call handling products, change settings and see up-to-the-minute call statistics – anytime, anywhere.

How does porting work?

How Porting Works

Simple and straightforward

We will manage the whole process for you – all you need to do is ensure that there are no outstanding bills on your existing account before we start.

Complete the form

Download our simple, one-page porting form. Fill in the section with your company details, numbers and the details of your existing provider.

Scan, fax or post

Print the form on company letterhead, then sign and date it. Fax the authorisation letter, form and a recent invoice from your supplier to us on 0333 123 8484

Leave the rest to us

We will contact your existing provider for you, and submit your porting request. We will arrange the activation of your new account and the disconnection of your old one. You’ll soon receive communication from all parties confirming your transfer request and, finally, your numbers will typically be ported to Windsor within 10-20 days.

Porting Agreements

The overview of all the Porting Agreements we have in place with other providers.


Porting Application

The simple, one page Porting Application form to move your number to Windsor Telecom.


Frequently Asked Questions about Porting

What does porting a number mean?

It is too difficult to contact my current supplier. What should I do now?

Will there be a disruption in service?

Will it cost me to change supplier?

How do I port bulk numbers or a block of numbers?

Can porting be reversed?

Can I port my other non-geographic numbers to Windsor Telecom?

Why choose Windsor Telecom?

  • The widest range of memorable phone numbers in the UK.
  • A ‘red carpet’ customer promise that puts the customer first in everything that we do - 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Trusted by thousands of loyal customers and rated as one of the top telecoms providers in the UK on Trustpilot.
  • Our huge range of call handling services, tailored to your business.
  • A tier one telecoms network - the most robust and reliable service you can get.
  • Our online portal My Windsor - a world-class, user-focused solution.
  • A free smartphone app to manage your number while you are on the move.
  • Agreements with all major UK providers that makes porting to us extremely easy.
  • Lower business overheads with our highly competitive call charges.
  • Round-the-clock access to call tracking data with every number.

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A Windsor Telecom customer is a happy customer.

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To find out more about Porting Your Number please complete the following form or call us on  and speak to one of our experts.