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Helping charities and non-profits answer every call in need

As a charity or non-profit organisation your purpose is to support the needs of others. You’re working hard to create and support communities where every story is listened to and lives are enriched.

Achieving that is based on a strong foundation of communication and collaboration, as everything is more effective when we pool our resources and ideas and work together. It’s why we love working with charities to create communications networks that allow you to listen to every good idea, answer every cry for help and play the strongest part in the communities you serve.

We believe that in every success story communication is key. By empowering your audiences – colleagues, residents, volunteers, members, supporters – to be able to talk easily across channels, you’ll be able to work better together to achieve your purpose.

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Communicate better

Whether you’re in the office, the community or working from home, our mobile and cloud-based solutions ensure you can answer every call quickly and easily. And as generations move from phone to online channels, our omnichannel contact solutions can ensure you have everyone supported.

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Connect better

Whether you’re in remote locations across the UK supporting our precious coastlines or wildlife, or providing hospice care where Wi-Fi provides a lifeline to loved ones outside, our robust connectivity solutions are varied, suiting every need and every location.

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Collaborate better

It’s not just the conversations that bring value, it’s understanding their nature, reason, timing and more. We can provide in-depth call analytics that allow you to flex your teams and shifts to when and where they’re needed most, enabling everyone to work collaboratively and productively.


  • Cloud telephony
    Our cloud voice solutions make sure you can easily answer and prioritise every call, regardless of location and device. Plus, through our intuitive portal you get access to loads of call features and in-depth reporting so you can flex your solution as needed to always give the best to your cause.
  • Cloud contact centre
    Whether your contact needs are simple or complex, our contact centre and helpline solutions range from simple voice set ups to more future-thinking omnichannel solutions. So, whether the enquiry comes through phone, email, social or WhatsApp, you’ll always be there to answer someone in need.
  • Microsoft Teams calling
    What could be better than being able to communicate and collaborate in one place? That’s the joy of Microsoft Teams. We can help you make Teams your single interface for both internal and external communications, allowing everyone to maximise their productivity and giving them a single place to work.
  • Intelligent call management
    Our advanced call management features give you the tools to manage your calls from your customers to your business. Giving you the ability to effectively increase your inbound call volumes to increase profit, whilst also improving your customer experience.

“Modernising the communications at our coastwatch stations means we can stay better connected to our search and rescue partners, and ultimately save more lives.”

National Coastwatch Institution

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Connect & Collaborate

  • Fibre broadband
    Fast and cost-effective broadband internet keeping your volunteers and colleagues online and connected and help them make the difference.
  • Leased lines
    For fast, dedicated connectivity for your offices and centres, ideal for running your critical applications and systems keeping you connected to the people that need you most.
  • Remote IT support
    Get the support you need to continue your great work from anywhere, our IT Support team are available to assist you 24/7.
  • Wi-Fi and networking
    Our dependence on connectivity is vast, especially for cloud-based solutions. We can provide reliable and resilient connectivity and Wi-Fi services that connect everyone to the outside world, wherever they are.
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Working with Cruse Bereavement Support

“By moving to cloud communications, we can support hybrid working and enable our colleagues and volunteers to provide the same experience everywhere”

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