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Get Your Message Across

Clever, efficient ways to communicate key information

Convey important, timely information to your customers, or simply get the heads up on who’s calling you with our in-call messaging features such as customised ringtones and call whispers.

Communicate frequently requested facts to all callers, or pass on sensitive information securely. Our messaging services will help you manage the flow of information to your customers in the most efficient, professional way.

Intro Message

For those unavoidable times when you can’t answer the call immediately. An introductory message will reassure your customer and is an essential alternative to a continuously ringing phone.

  • Reassures callers they have called the right company, their call is acknowledged and their enquiry will be dealt with efficiently
  • Record the message yourself, opt for a personalised professional recording or pre-record messages for future use
  • Perfect for company promotions or opening times – messages can be changed daily to keep information fresh and relevant
  • Record a different message for each Windsor Telecom number

Audio Announcement

Sometimes you don’t need to speak to customers directly to answer frequently asked questions, or give important information. One of our most popular features, Audio Announcement is the perfect way to get a message across with no associated staff costs.

  • Use to communicate with customers or staff – change recordings regularly
  • Promote products and services
  • Pre-screen customers before passing through to agents
  • Our recorded information lines can handle hundreds of thousands of calls per hour – monitor volumes through the Vision Call Statistics


When you need to communicate sensitive information, Password allows you to add an Audio Announcement to the number and select who can hear it. When the caller dials in they must enter the correct PIN number to hear the message.

  • Perfect for corporate updates or company announcements
  • Use for secure communication to employees

Audio Whisper

Get informed – before you take the call. Our call whisper system plays a short message when the call is picked up, identifying the source of the call based on the number the caller dialled.

  • Call whispers improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by allowing you to tailor immediate responses.
  • Ideal for users with multiple numbers routed to one target number.
  • Essential for users with multiple businesses, but only one phone line.

Custom Ringtone

Callers expect to hear a traditional ringing sound immediately, but intelligent routing can result in connection delays. Break the silence when routing your virtual number to a mobile with a custom ringtone or bespoke audio file.

  • Use to disguise a potentially off-putting international dial tone when routing a call overseas
  • Play a brief introductory welcome message followed by a ringtone or music
  • Create a seamless experience for your customers

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