Vision Call Statistics

Powerful Online Analytics

Our industry-leading marketing package gives you real-time access to inbound call information via the web. You can see exactly who called your number(s) and measure the effectiveness of your advertising, improve response rates, increase sales or donations and justify budgets.

Call Statistics

Our ‘Vision’ call statistics portal is an easy to use, online portal that gives you access to an abundance of information regarding your call traffic.

You can track your inbound call performance – aspects like where the majority of your calls are originating from and how many you’re receiving on a daily basis. These types of stats can give you a quick indication of how well the business is doing in terms of volume.

If you’re interested in how your employees are performing, the Vision portal can be used to track things such as call logs, time spent on the phone, amount of calls taken and more. Using this information, you can make a judgement on how well your employees are performing and delegate work as effectively as possible.

If it’s marketing you’re most interested in, the portal can show you exactly which of your phone numbers are performing the best. If you have dedicated phone numbers associated with any marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to see exactly which one is receiving the most activity and therefore determine potential ROI. Not only that, if one number is performing well over others, you can then focus your efforts instead.

  • View missed or engaged calls
  • See the number of calls that go to voicemail
  • See how long it takes your staff to answer the phone
  • Check the number of simultaneous calls
  • Measure the success of each marketing campaign and ROI
  • Our map shows the geographic location of your callers
  • Produce reports for management meetings
  • Review your call volumes and adjust staffing levels accordingly
  • Use a different Windsor Number on your website and track your web enquiries
  • If you have multiple Windsor numbers, all will be displayed on Vision

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