Virtual Receptionist


IVR technology is used by organisations to improve call handling and business efficiency, as well as reduce staff costs. Our Virtual Switchboard gives you a professional image and is competitive of other IVR systems used by call centres and large companies.

Sound more professional with a virtual switchboard

A virtual switchboard, also known as a virtual receptionist, is perfect for businesses that handle a number of different call queries. Whether you’re a business with many different departments, or a smaller operation that would like to know the nature of a call before speaking to the customer – a virtual switchboard could be just the ticket.

It will make you appear more professional to your customers as they’ll be getting through to the right place straight away.

  • Improve customer service, staff productivity and reduce costs
  • Direct multiple inbound callers quickly and efficiently
  • Perfect for larger businesses with many departments
  • No more engaged tones and irritated callers
  • Replaces expensive in-house PBX phone systems
  • Set up your IVR menu is quick and easy via our MyWindsor portal
  • Record and upload unique announcements for each menu option
  • Handle routine enquiries that require only an automated reply
  • Switch to a live agent during the call
  • Change options and messages via MyWindsor portal

Virtual Receptionist is included in your
30 day trial

With free connection and set-up, plus no need for an engineer or costly hardware, we can get your business number and call handling live the same day.

Simply choose a business number and get a free 30 day trial of the complete range of Windsor Telecom inbound call handling features.

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