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Right Person for the Customer

Intelligent call routing in no time, every time

You need to get the calls to the person as quickly as possible if you want to keep your customer happy make plenty of sales. Our virtual call switchboard doesn’t require any expensive hardware or maintenance. Better still, they help you get every call to the right place, every time.

From Virtual Switchboards that allow the customer to self-serve, to automatically routing important callers to a specific destination, you can unite multiple locations and create a seamless customer experience with our virtual phone system.

Virtual Switchboard

A low cost version of IVR (Interactive Voice Response), Virtual Switchboard gives your callers several options that they can select by pressing the corresponding number.

For example, you could direct the caller to a recorded greeting providing them with the information they need or directly to a specialist if they needed more urgent assistance.

  • Reduce missed calls as lines won’t be engaged
  • Easily set up and manage your menu and targets through My Windsor
  • Make sure calls are directed to the right person, department or function.
  • No expensive hardware management costs


Automatically route calls your nearest branch or office depending on the number the customer calls from. This is perfect for national businesses who want to identify under one National Business Number but ensure customers are routed to their local office.

  • Save money by using a single number all of your offices
  • Provide seamless and efficient call handling
  • Avoid expensive onsite hardware-based systems
  • Scalable to meet your business demands

Mid-Call Transfers

Transfer the call to another number, anywhere in the world, even after the call is answered. Choose to play music or a ringing tone and place the caller on hold while ringing the new destination landline or mobile. Speak to the third party securely before connecting the calls. Perfect for a multi-location business and easy to manage through My Windsor.

  • Quick and easy to set up
  • The call is transferred out of your network, freeing your phones
  • Multiple offices or departments can act as one
  • No need for expensive PBX phone systems and no maintenance costs

Virtual Extensions

Get the functionality of a switchboard without the need for an expensive PBX system. Unite multiple sites or a network of home workers under one number. Create extensions for staff members, or departments, and personalise with voicemails or even individual call management plans.

  • Callers can call directly to the required person or department, using a 3-4 digit code
  • Gives callers the impression of a bigger business
  • No expensive hardware installation or maintenance

VIP Routing

Give your most valuable customers special treatment. Allow select callers to bypass queues by automatically routing any call received from their number to a pre-defined number – such as the department head.

  • Automatically direct calls from selected numbers to any landline or mobile
  • Create a VIP experience by allowing selected customers to bypass menus
  • Perfect for giving red-carpet treatment to your top clients
  • Easy to set up and manage via My Windsor

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