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Improve Your Performance

Gain valuable insight into your business & host efficient meetings

Track and monitor your calls, capture timely customer feedback, access an 0844 conference line, plus record phone calls on demand to drive business efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Capture rich customer feedback or call statistics live and online. Windsor Telecom’s track-and-monitor features will give you unprecedented insight into your business performance.

Vision Call Statistics

Monitor service levels in real-time with our industry-leading live call statistics package. An internet connection is all you need to get access to powerful call data. Easy-to-use and available 24/7, our Vision Call Statistics can help make significant improvements to your customers’ experience.

  • Use a unique number for each marketing campaign to measure advertising effectiveness and ROI
  • Monitor length of time to answer calls, volume of calls and call path
  • Review call volumes and trends to optimise staffing patterns
  • Easily produce call statistic reports for management meetings

Free Conference Calls

Save time and money with our instant, easy to use 0844 Conference Call service available with every Windsor Telecom phone number. Our conference call service is free – you only pay, like the other participants dialling into the meeting, for the cost of your telephone call. Please read our Conference Call T&C’s here.

  • Simple and easy to set-up, you can be hosting a Conference Call within minutes
  • Free to use and the only costs for you (and the other participants) is the cost of the call
  • Flexible with no contracts or monthly bills
  • Host meetings 247, 365 days a year

Call Recording

Whether you want to use our call recording software to train staff, resolve customer issues or evaluate marketing success, our on-demand Call Record feature makes it all hassle free. This low-cost, phone call record-and-replay service can handle thousands of simultaneous call recordings, and store them securely for retrieval and analysis at your convenience.

  • Call recordings are stored free-of-charge for 30 days and available to access at any time via My Windsor
  • Extended storage for up to 20,000 minutes per month for six months is available through Extended Call Record Storage
  • Playback online, download or email recordings to your email
  • All call recordings are indexed and easily searchable by date, time, duration and more

Customer Surveys

Survey your customers and capture high-value data on targeted issues. Design your own questionnaire for your customers to respond to via their touchtone phones – get the results delivered direct to your email or view via My Windsor.

  • Pre-screen callers or use for vote casting and competitions
  • Get instant, timely feedback on your customer service team
  • Capture caller information on My Windsor for future use
  • Create a bespoke survey where a particular answer to a question triggers the next question

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