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Share The Load

Never let a call go unanswered

Set up call diversions, automate call plans by time of day, or even set ratios for call loads. Our first-class call divert and forwarding services will level resource requirements and meet the inevitable challenges of peaks and troughs in volume and availability.

Windsor Telecom’s load-sharing call features will help your business create the optimum customer experience – whether you are out of the office or experiencing high volumes of calls, every call will reach a destination.

Multiple Call Divert

Never miss another call again with our timed call divert feature. Multiple Divert rings up to three pre-set target numbers in turn, ringing each target for a length of time set by you. If a call is unanswered, or the line engaged, it will move on to the next destination until someone answers or it goes to voicemail.

If a call is unanswered, or the line engaged, it will move on to the next destination until someone answers or it goes to voicemail.

  • Pre-set the feature and there’s no need to remember to divert your phone when you leave the office
  • Combine with Time of Day feature to give maximum flexibility
  • Upgrade to include up to 10 numbers
  • Easily change target numbers and timings on the My Windsor portal or our mobile app.

Time of Day Call Routing

Exactly as it sounds, Time of Day Routing will send your calls to locations, set by you, at specific times and days of the week.

Take control of your inbound call handling by diverting your calls to voicemail, email or any other line on a specific day, or time of day.

  • Automatic divert sends calls to an alternative voicemail message if your lines are engaged, or unanswered.
  • Route calls depending on the time of day
  • Target your calls to mobiles, voicemail or out-of-hours support line
  • Ideal for out-of-hours cover

Ratio Targets

Manage your call handling across multiple locations. Automatically distribute your inbound calls between multiple lines or offices. Add ratio targets to balance loads based on predefined percentages.

  • Ideal for multiple offices or home workers
  • Works over a wide area or even between different countries.
  • Combine with Time of Day routing to change distribution at peak hours
  • Use to manage staff sickness, emergencies or simply to balance call loads.

Special Days

Automatically route calls according to a pre-set plan of specific dates or date ranges. Set calls to route to out of office on holidays and away days.

  • Use Special Days to set call plans for public holidays, and let the feature automatically set the correct calendar date – even years in advance
  • Perfect for managing calls during regular team meetings and staff days
  • Easy to manage through My Windsor

Simultaneous Targets

Manage high volume calls by directing callers to multiple locations simultaneously. The first person to pick up gets the call. Divert calls to homeworker’s mobile phones and call answering services at the same time.

  • Incoming calls ring simultaneously on your office phone, mobile and home phone, and your callers won’t even know they have been forwarded
  • Ideal for managing a three-ring policy
  • Encourages teams to answer calls quickly
  • Perfect for dispersed sales teams or customer service agents

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